Labour shadow minister finds the CBI rape charges alarming.

A Labour shadow minister described the allegations of rape and s3xual assault at the CBI as “absolutely shocking” as businesses keep severing links to the advocacy body.

Labour shadow minister finds the CBI rape charges alarming.

Labour shadow minister finds the CBI rape charges alarming.


Numerous businesses have stated that the claims are the reason they are quitting the association or halting their participation.

The CBI has announced that it will halt some important operations until June in order to “refocus.”

However, some industry executives have claimed that the CBI’s reputation may be “beyond repair”.


With a second woman alleging in a Friday Guardian article that she was raped by CBI colleagues, the lobbying organisation has been rattled by the allegations.

Before the Guardian published its article on the second incident, the authorities were looking into an alleged rape that occurred at a CBI summer party in 2019. Additionally, there have been claims of additional s3xual misbehavior.

Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s shadow work and pensions secretary, said on Sunday that the organization needed “root and branch” change rather than advocating for its dissolution.

“The revelations, the stories, have just been absolutely shocking, haven’t they?” he asked. “I have sympathy for those who have suffered.”

A “root and branch review and reform process” is required for the organization, he continued, as there are “clearly deep-rooted problems” there.

For the time being, the CBI is no longer associated with the government or the Labour Party.


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