Ghana’s Bulk Fish Importers Association regrets how levies have affected their industry.

In the upcoming days, fish product buyers should prepare for a price increase.

According to the Bulk Fish Importers Association of Ghana, this is due to the government’s numerous tariffs, which have a negative effect on the cost of doing business in the nation.

The Association claims that the recent removal of the 30% benchmark value, the increase in the Fish Import Levy from GHC15.00 to GHC251.00 per metric ton, and the implementation of the recently approved three tax legislation by parliament are all harming their operations.

The Secretary of the Bulk Fish Importers Association Ghana, Alfred Fugayire Keluru, called on the government to urgently solve the myriad difficulties that the nation’s fish importers face in a statement released by the Association.

The whole statement is as follows:

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