Top 10 Internet-free nations in Africa

Top 10 Internet-free nations in Africa

Top 10 Internet-free nations in Africa

Following closely behind with scores of 68, 64, and 61, respectively, are Tunisia, Kenya, and Ghana.
The inclusion of Angola, Zambia, Malawi, Nigeria, the Gambia, and Morocco on the list demonstrates their dedication to digital liberty.

The search for internet freedom is a crucial endeavor for African countries in a constantly changing digital environment. On the continent, a number of nations have emerged as torchbearers for internet freedom by embracing the ideals of inclusivity, connectedness, and development. We present the top 10 African nations that have embraced the potential of the web, allowing their residents to navigate the digital sphere with freedom and expression, based on the Freedom House Index rankings for 2022.


These ten African countries, each making a distinctive contribution to internet freedom, highlight the continent’s dedication to technological advancement. These nations pave the way for an inclusive and connected Africa, where digital rights flourish and define the future of the continent, by empowering citizens, encouraging innovation, and embracing the transformational power of the internet.

Top 10 Free Internet Countries in Africa

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