Firm regrets taking Facebook moderation work

In retrospect, a company that was hired to filter Facebook posts in East Africa claims it should not have accepted the position.

Firm regrets taking Facebook moderation work

Firm regrets taking Facebook moderation work


Former Sama (an outsourcing company) employees in Kenya claim that being exposed to graphic posts traumatized them.

Some people are currently filing lawsuits against the company with Kenyan courts.

Sama’s CEO Wendy Gonzalez announced that the company would no longer accept jobs involving the moderation of offensive content.

This article contains disturbing material.

After watching recordings of beheadings, suicides, and other gruesome material at the moderation hub, which the company managed starting in 2019, some former employees have reported experiencing trauma.

The first graphic video Daniel Motaung, a former moderator, admitted to viewing was “a live video of someone being beheaded.”

Sama and Facebook’s owner Meta are being sued by Mr. Motaung. All businesses that operate with Meta are required to offer round-the-clock support, according to Meta. Sama claims there were always licensed wellness counselors on hand.

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