By establishing new chances for sustainable revenue generation, Yango is empowering Ghanaians.

This is fantastic because it creates opportunity for drivers to generate cash to support themselves while creating a sustainable future for themselves. He continued, “These partners are performing fantastically, and we’ll keep giving them the incentives and technical support they need to run efficiently.

Yango is empowering Ghanaians by creating more sustainable income generating opportunities

Being a digital firm, our main responsibility is to keep making significant investments in technology in order to provide our partners with cutting-edge solutions that help them manage their drivers, cars, and overall business operations. Through equitable treatment, improved incentives, and readily available technical support in the performance of their jobs, this aids them in effectively managing their drivers as well, he continued.

“The company has chalked up many successes since partnering with Yango and implored the drivers to take their jobs seriously while utilizing this opportunity given them to the fullest,” said Mr. Raphael Atenka, general manager of Wheely’s Rush, one of the Yango partners.

Our drivers will have many work options thanks to this agreement, giving them a steady stream of income. We offer you these 35 vehicles from Wheely’s Rush today as a springboard for your professional endeavors. We are confident that you will put in a lot of effort at work and use caution when driving so that you can look after your families and yourself while giving Ghanaians a safe place to travel.

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