Stanbic is the host of an inclusion webinar.


A webinar on creating an inclusive corporate culture was presented by Stanbic Bank Ghana as part of the festivities for International Women’s Day this year. The bank’s continued commitment to supporting women across the nation is demonstrated by this effort.

Stanbic is the host of an inclusion webinar.

Stanbic is the host of an inclusion webinar.

Desmond Bredu, Head of Client Coverage at Stanbic Investment Management Services (SIMS), led the debate and emphasized the significance of the topic, pointing out that women own SMEs in the majority of the nation.

He declared, “We think that the inclusion discourse should not be a one-time affair, even though IWD is a one-day celebration. Since it’s still important in every aspect of our lives, it ought to be a continuous dialogue.

Women make up a sizable share of businesses throughout Africa, and Ghana is no exception. Compared to men, women entrepreneurs confront greater obstacles.

We promote awareness of the value of inclusiveness for all genders and provide our female counterparts with the room they need to thrive by having discussions like these.

In his contribution to the discussion, Derrick Sarfo, CEO of DercolBags Packaging, mentioned that establishing a welcoming atmosphere is essential to promoting diversity.

“As leaders and entrepreneurs, it’s critical to foster an atmosphere where all voices are valued and heard,” he stated.

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