$300 million World Bank Loan Hits BoG Account

The World Bank’s US$300 million loan facility has been disbursed to Ghana, marking a significant financial accomplishment.

$300 million World Bank Loan Hits BoG Account

$300 million World Bank Loan Hits BoG Account

A significant step forward has been taken in the nation’s attempts to revive its economy with the official disbursement of cash for budgetary support.

On March 27, 2023, the Central Bank of Ghana received credit for the significant amount.
This foreign cash infusion is a component of the Resilient Recovery Development Policy Operation, which aims to strengthen Ghana’s crisis response and resilience in the face of persistent economic difficulties.

This payment amounts to the first installment of a three-part World Bank operation that will total $300 million in total.

It is anticipated that the subsequent tranches will arrive gradually, providing more assistance to Ghana in negotiating the current economic environment and strengthening its ability to withstand future shocks.

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