Stoke Bishop students draw attention to local graffiti

Children from Bristol schools have been collaborating with the police to address graffiti in their neighborhood.

Stoke Bishop students draw attention to local graffiti

Stoke Bishop students draw attention to local graffiti

Stoke Bishop Primary School students have drawn attention to a number of problems, such as graffiti, burning scooters, and abandoned bikes.

Working with Avon and Somerset Police, the fifth and sixth grade students examined the effects on local communities.

Sophie Aldis, the teacher, stated, “I think those voices coming from the young people who often get the blame have been a really positive start.”

The program is a component of an initiative the kids have been working on to strengthen their sense of community.

“We wanted the pupils to have a bigger focus on advocacy and what they can do in their local community,” stated Ms. Aldis.

This specific group concentrated on how they intended to take action because they thought that vandalism was really affecting how much they enjoyed their local neighborhood.

“I think everyone is very impressed with how much they’ve been affected by it and how much they want to make sure their community is a happy and pleasant place for everyone to be in,” she said.

Four students—Patrick, Ndey, Christopher, who is ten years old, and Iris, who is eleven—participated in the project.

It became evident that the young people had strong feelings for their communities when asked how important their local region was to them.

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