Dear men, these 4 things may prevent you from lasting longer in bed

4 things may prevent you from lasting longer in bed

Every couple’s concept of having a good time is different, but the majority believe that the main issue is premature ejaculation and completing too quickly before one’s partner reaches orgasm.

It’s significant to be open and honest with your partner and understand each other’s bodies and boundaries.

Many people forget that intimacy is more than just rapid penetration. If you take time to relax and prepare for your intimacy together, it may be a joyful experience for both of you. Moreover, don’t be frightened to try new positions.

So, here are 4 things why some men may not last longer in bed:

  • Anxiety

The majority of men believe that this problem is usually caused by medical reasons, but sometimes anxiety can cause it. Performance anxiety is a frequent psychological or mental condition in which you think about how good your performance in bed will be, how long you’ll last, and what your spouse might think of you. All of these concerns can have an emotional impact on you, resulting in PE (premature ejaculation) and the rapid loss of your erection. So, before having intimacy, remember to relax and discuss it with your partner. If your situation continues to affect you and your partner, both of you can go to the hospital for treatment.

  • Sensitivity

A high level of manhood’s sensitivity can also cause this issue. Some men are hypersensitive when it comes to having intimacy with their partners. However, there are some ways to reduce the risk of premature ejaculation. To acquire more control over your climax during intimacy, you can delay the spray. Your spouse will love it because it shows that you are concerned about her wants. She will also appreciate the fact that you are attempting to prolong your pleasure for her. Everyone’s sensitivity level is different, so apply any substance based on your sensitivity level.

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  • Excitement

Premature ejaculation(PE) can also be caused by an inability to control one’s enthusiasm during intimacy. This issue is common in young men. This can be due to a lack of experience, but communication and practice can help. Remember to take things slowly and easily. Another way to reduce the risk of PE is by being honest with your spouse and practising different intimacy positions.

  • Several physical problems

Physical problems such as diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart problems, and low testosterone levels can lead to PE. This is more common in elderly men, and it can be treated with a variety of drugs. If you have any health concerns that are affecting you sexually or mentally, try to consult your doctor or physician.

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