VIDEO : Xandy Kamel hints at serious depression amidst marital glitches

In a video Xandy Kamel posted during the weekend, the actress stressed being tired of the recent events, highlighting the only reason she wants to live is for her son, her mum, siblings and loved ones.

Quite recently, her marriage has been in the limelight over allegations of infidelity as she claimed her husband Kaninga was cheating and gossiping about her. Xandy, who thought this action taken by her husband is demoralizing, felt pushed to tell her story on social media.

While narrating her story, she broke into tears lamenting the person she hoped would have supported her was the same person who tarnished her image. In her post, she stated she did not feel like a human being anymore.

“At this point, I don’t just feel less of myself. I also feel am not even a human being. I feel depressed. I feel all is lost. I feel I have no one except my sisters and mother. Am confused. Am lost. Am finished. I want to survive this. But no hope of surviving. I want to live for my little king. I want to live for my mum. I want to live for my sisters. I want to live to be loved but how. Oh God be my strength. Daddy my hero if only you were to be alive aaah hmm death has really felt with me but in all I still believe there is God. And I know my dad’s friends and loved ones will not let any harm come to me”.

Her post was met with so many affluent people encouraging her to stay strong and two of such persons are Cristiana Awuni who wrote “I love you dear”; Ohemaawoyeje who said, “I have been calling you”.

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The video which has been viewed more than 151,000 times with the caption on Instagram shows Xandy dancing with her son.

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