Is Twitter’s time up?

However, there are rumors that while he was in office, certain people received verification at no cost. The creator of the online news source Bellingcat revealed to me that his company is one of them.

Additionally, Mr. Musk asserts that he personally paid for the memberships of Stephen King, LeBron James, and William Shatner, all of whom are Twitter Blue’s monthly subscription critics.

Additionally, Twitter has announced that only companies that pay for verification will be permitted to run advertisements, unless those businesses spend more than $1,000 (£807) every month.

A level playing field?

Owner Elon Musk stated that he did not think it was appropriate for Twitter to determine who was significant under the previous administration. Perhaps he is on to something there.

However, there are rumors that when he was in office, some individuals received free verification. The creator of the news-gathering website Bellingcat assured me that his company is one of them.

LeBron James, Stephen King, and William Shatner are all Twitter Blue monthly membership critics, and Mr. Musk claims to have personally paid for their subscriptions.


Additionally, Twitter has announced that, unless they are spending more than $1,000 (£807) a month on advertising, only companies that pay for verification will be permitted to do so.

That is a sizable sum of money for a small business, and from what we can tell, the majority of digital advertising revenue comes from small, frequent advertisers, not from big companies with expensive campaigns.



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