Facebook and Instagram will limit Canadians’ access to news

Following the passage of a contentious internet news bill by parliament, Meta has announced that it will start limiting news on its platforms to Canadian consumers.

Facebook and Instagram will limit Canadians' access to news

Facebook and Instagram will limit Canadians’ access to news

The legislation mandates that major platforms pay news publishers for the content that is posted on their websites.

Both Meta and Google have already conducted tests limiting some Canadians’ access to news.

Due to a similar regulation, Australian users were prohibited from posting or reading news on Facebook in 2021.

The Online News Act of Canada, which passed the senate on Thursday, establishes guidelines that mandate companies like Meta and Google to make business agreements and compensate news organizations for their material.

“Fundamentally flawed legislation that ignores the realities of how our platforms work,” is how Meta has described the law.

On Thursday, it announced that all Canadian users would no longer be able to access news on Facebook and Instagram until the bill becomes law.


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