A premier business school is located in the heart of Silicon Valley and is the source of organisations like Nike, Netfix, PayPal, YouTube, LinkedIn, Yahoo!, Cisco, Sun Pharma, and a lengthy list of others. ¬†In actuality, one out of every twenty Google employees is a product of this institution. Stanford […]

Despite several control systems being in place, banking institutions are becoming more and more vulnerable to fraud with time. Nowadays, fraudsters can more easily design their method of operation to get around controls.   Both internal (from staff) and external sources could be the source of the fraudsters (customers, suppliers, […]

¬†Business Insider lists 6 African nations that have outright prohibited bitcoin use. The African cryptocurrency market   The use of cryptocurrencies is still contentious in Sub-Saharan Africa. This is due to the absence of laws governing digital currency. The adoption of cryptocurrencies in Africa is still a contentious topic. Africa […]

The following list includes the PG Diploma programmes that Algonquin College offers that are the least expensive: Post-graduate Diploma in Business Management Post-graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Post-graduate Diploma in Energy Management Post-graduate Diploma in International Management George Brown College Another renowned college of applied arts and technology in […]