Prada will create the new NASA Moon suit.

Prada, a prestigious fashion house, contributed to the creation of space suits for the 2025 Moon mission, so NASA astronauts will fly in style.

Prada will create the new NASA Moon suit.

Prada will create the new NASA Moon suit.


The outfits will be created by the Italian fashion firm in collaboration with Axiom Space, another private business.

Axiom stated in a press release that Prada will contribute knowledge of materials and manufacturing to the undertaking.

One astronaut told the BBC that Prada’s experience in design made them up to the task.

This experience was gained through Prada’s participation in the America’s Cup sailing competition as well as on the Milan catwalks.

Professor Jeffrey Hoffman, who has flown five NASA missions and completed four spacewalks, claims that Prada “has considerable experience with various types of composite fabrics and may actually be able to make some real technical contributions to the outer layers of the new space suit.”

However, he warned against expecting to see astronauts dressed in “paisley spacesuits or any fancy patterns like that.” The most important thing is really to maintain a favorable temperature environment.

“A spacesuit is essentially a small spacecraft. It must maintain pressure, oxygen, and a comfortable body temperature, he continued.


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