Police inquiry finds that the Boeing whistleblower committed suicide.

Boeing whistleblower died by suicide, police investigation reveals
Boeing whistleblower died by suicide, police investigation reveals
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According to a police report made public on Friday, longtime employee John Barnett, a whistleblower for Boeing who raised concerns about the company’s safety and production standards and sued, died by suicide.

Police inquiry finds that the Boeing whistleblower committed suicide.

A police inquiry finds that the Boeing whistleblower committed suicide.

In his lawsuit, Barnett stated that he was the victim of unlawful retaliation by Boeing. Barnett’s unexpected death was the subject of an investigation that was closed.

Barnett, 62, suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was discovered dead in a car on March 9 in Charleston, South Carolina. According to Barnett’s attorneys and a police incident record, officers were sent to a Holiday Inn to check on him after he did not show up for a deposition in his lawsuit against Boeing.

Responding law enforcement officials discovered Barnett dead in the truck’s driver’s seat in the parking lot when they arrived. He had a firearm in his hand. There was a note in the truck, according to the initial police report as well.

However, Barnett’s attorneys stated in a statement after his passing that he seemed to be in high spirits and that his deposition was coming to a close.

Police inquiry finds that the Boeing whistleblower committed suicide.

A police inquiry finds that the Boeing whistleblower committed suicide.

There was no sign that he intended to commit suicide. His attorneys, Brian Knowles and Robert Turkewitz, released a statement on March 12 saying, “No one can believe it.” “The Charleston police must conduct a thorough and accurate investigation and report their findings to the public.”

The Charleston County Coroner’s Office decided that Barnett had committed suicide, according to the Charleston Police Department, which wrapped up its investigation into the death on Friday.

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The firearm was discovered in Barnett’s right hand, and the inquiry revealed that he had been shot in the head at close range. A press release regarding the police inquiry stated that a notepad discovered in the car’s front seat revealed indications that “he was going through a period of serious personal distress.”

An image of a memo with several derogatory remarks written against Boeing that was found in the automobile was shared by police with CNN.

Police stated, “We should not forget that this investigation represents the loss of Mr. Barnett’s life as it comes to a close.” “We hope his family finds the strength to continue in his absence and extend our deepest sympathies to them during this difficult time.”

Boeing could not be reached for comment at this time. The business expressed its sadness at Barnett’s passing in March.

The business expressed, “Our thoughts are with his family and friends.”

claims of security breaches

Former quality manager Barnett, who spent decades working for Boeing, revealed to the New York Times in 2019 that he had found dangerous wiring clusters in the company’s manufacturing procedures that might have caused an airplane to crash catastrophically if they were severed by surrounding metal slivers.

Barnett told the Times, “As a quality manager at Boeing, you’re the last line of defense before a defect makes it out to the flying public.” Furthermore, I haven’t yet seen a plane leaving Charleston with my name on it, indicating that it is airworthy and safe.

Brad Zaback, a site commander at the company and general manager of the 787 program, stated that the Times article “paints a skewed and inaccurate picture of the program and of our team (at the plant)” in a message that was emailed to the plant’s employees and given to CNN at the time.

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“Quality is the bedrock of who we are,” Zaback stated, adding that the business produces “the highest quality airplanes.” He claimed that the Times turned down an invitation to tour the facility.

Following Barnett’s initial public concerns about Boeing, the business has seen a number of high-profile incidents involving safety and quality, such as the January burst of a door stopper on a 737 Max shortly after takeoff. Due to its history of safety issues, Boeing may be subject to criminal prosecution, the US Justice Department said this week.

The exterior of the Boeing Company headquarters is seen on March 25, 2024, in Arlington, Virginia.

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